Our Story

A shared love of all things Bovine’ sparked the idea of ‘Bovinity’ between friends and restaurant partners in early 2021. Following many months of lockdowns, hardwork & hope, Bovinity opened its door in June 2022. Located at 123 Capel Street, Bovinity launched as the only ‘Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar,’ North of the river. Perfectly capturing an intimate yet vibrant ambience, Bovinity created a cavern-style space for you to relax and enjoy. Irish ingredients are at the core of Bovinity creations, from succulent cuts to signature cocktails. Freedom is a choice when it comes to drinks, offering a wide range of cocktails, wines, beers & spirits. Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to #gathertheherd in the perfect #placetomeat. 


Join us with family & friends in our intimate space in the heart of Dublins City Centre. Book our booth & dine with a group, our menu is ideal for sharing with small plates & sharing steaks, including options for gluten-free & vegans. Thinking bigger? Host your dream with us! Whether it’s a complete takeover or lunch launch party, our team is on hand to make your perfect day a reality. Why not add that extra personal touch with tailored menus & customised cocktails! Get in touch at [email protected]! #Gathertheherd  




Lighting versatility is at the heart of Bovinity’s interior design, creating both an intimate yet vibrant space for you to enjoy. Our moody interior compliments our neon graphics and bespoke art pieces designed by Dublin street artist ‘SUMS’. The original wall was left exposed to give a cavern-style touch. 

Our interior dreams were brought to life by https://www.keatleyarchitects.ie/

Check out SUMS https://www.instagram.com/sumsone/?hl=en